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Restore the healthy function and beauty of your smile with tooth-colored dental fillings 

If you spot signs of cavities, you need to visit Dr. Colby Smith for treatment. Waiting to see if the hole will disappear will never happen because your tooth can’t heal once the damage has occurred. In fact, what will happen is the opposite. The cavity grows deeper, soon penetrating the inner tooth, causing sensitivity and pain.

At Granite Bay Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored (composite) fillings to treat cavities for a healthy, confident smile. Unlike metal fillings, our dental fillings are natural-looking, meaning they will not only leave your smile cavity-free but also maintain your natural aesthetics.

What are Composite Fillings?

These are fillings made from a combination of plastic (acrylic) resin reinforced with glass fillers to mimic the natural characteristics of your enamel. The resin material is putty-like, enabling dentists to mold it to form the shape of your tooth.

We prefer white fillings over silver-colored (amalgam) fillings because they are:

  • Natural-looking — white fillings blend perfectly with your natural teeth
  • Safe — they don’t leak mercury vapors or change in size as temperatures change
  • Conservative — we drill-less of your tooth when using composite fillings

Dental filling procedure

Treating a cavity is a quick and painless procedure. It takes about 15-45 minutes, depending on the size and location of the cavity. Once we spot a cavity in your mouth, we explain the dental treatment procedure to calm your nerves while seated in the dental chair.

The procedure starts with numbing your mouth and then drilling out the decayed part. We sterilize the area and then apply the resin material in layers, and each layer is hardened in place by a special light.

Finally, we reshape the filling to resemble your tooth and polish it for a stunning smile. Your filling should last between 10-15 years if you observe proper care. However, don’t delay informing your dentist if you notice signs of wear and tear in your filling.

Dental cavity treatment near me

If you live in Granite Bay, CA, don’t let cavities take control of your oral health. Instead, dial (916) 735-4720 to book an appointment with Granite Bay Dentistry for tooth-colored dental fillings.