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Enhance Your Confidence and Oral Health with Natural-looking Dentures and Partials

No one likes missing their teeth. Unfortunately, age, trauma, and tooth decay may leave you toothless, and it’s good to know about the different tooth replacement options. At Granite Bay Dentistry, we offer dental implants but also have dentures and partials for patients looking for quick and cost-effective alternatives. Made from ultramodern acrylic materials, our dentures are durable, flexible, and designed to look like your natural teeth and the surrounding gums.

Types of dentures

We offer a variety of dentures to suit your lifestyle, budget, and other unique needs. Here are the common types of dentures you can consider to complete your smile:

  • Complete dentures: Considering full dentures is an excellent idea if you have lost most or all your teeth. Also known as conventional dentures, complete dentures rest on the gums and are held in place with suction or adhesives. However, you can opt for more stability by considering implant-retained dentures.
  • Partials: Partials are ideal if you have lost some teeth. A partial denture is anchored by the healthy teeth on either side of the gap and uses “modern false teeth” to cover the gums and bones where the teeth are missing.
  • Implant-retained dentures: By inserting dental implants strategically in your mouth, we can offer more stability to your full dentures. This option is more stable than conventional dentures and minimizes the chances of your dentures slipping or popping out loose when eating, laughing, or talking.

Besides restoring your oral function, dentures can improve your appearance. Dentures support your cheeks and lips, minimizing the number of wrinkles and lines in your face, which shaves years off your face.

Process of getting our dentures

If you want to replace your teeth with dentures, the process starts with an initial consultation with Dr. Colby Smith. During this visit, we scrutinize your medical and dental history and take dental x-rays to determine if your gums and soft tissues are healthy for new teeth.

Next, we take your bite impressions to make models which the dental laboratory will use to make your dentures. However, before the fabrication process, we will discuss elements like the shape, color, and size of your “new teeth” to ensure your dentures are well-fitting and natural-looking.

When your dentures arrive, we will make adjustments to ensure they fit snugly. We will also give you handy maintenance tips to keep your dentures looking their best.

Replace your lost teeth with natural-looking dentures

Want to see how dentures can benefit your smile? Please dial (916) 735-4720 to book an appointment with Granite Bay Dentistry for affordable and real-looking dentures. We welcome patients from Granite Bay, Folsom, Roseville, Loomis, Lincoln, Rocklin, CA, and the surrounding areas.