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Dr. Colby Smith

It’s time to stop complaining about your damaged or decayed teeth and do something about them. If you live in Granite Bay, CA, or neighboring Folsom, Roseville, Lomis, Lincoln, or Rocklin, why not consult Granite Bay Dentistry about dental crowns?

A tooth-shaped cap placed over an entire tooth to improve its strength and appearance. It can restore your tooth to its former beautiful and healthy state.

What is a dental crown?

To protect a tooth, post-root canal therapy

Why would you need a crown?

To repair a decayed / damaged tooth

To anchor a dental bridge in place

To complete implant therapy

To hide a misshapen, rotated, or stained tooth

To repair a cavity too large for a filling/onlay

CEREC technology enables crowns to be created in one day. First, we examine your damaged tooth, and if we decide on a crown, your mouth is numbed, and the tooth prepared. Bite impressions are taken, and crowns are fabricated in-house while you wait. The crown is installed.

CEREC facilitates same-day crowns.

For customized crowns that blend with your natural teeth,

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