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Dental X-rays the Benefits and What to Expect

It’s almost impossible to imagine dentistry without dental x-rays. Radiographs, another name for x-ray imaging, enable dentists to unearth dental issues not visible to the naked eye, including hidden cavities, abscesses, gum disease, and abnormal growth. Since the invention of the x-ray about a century ago, this revolutionary technology has saved many smiles from untold suffering. Today, digital x-rays offered by dental practices like Granite Bay Dentistry have made the technology safer, more accurate, and faster.

Digital x-rays: what to expect

Modern x-rays don’t require any preparation beforehand. Your dentist may request you to remove your jewelry, glasses, and other metal objects that may tamper with the x-ray imaging.

During the process, you will be asked to sit on a dental chair with a protective vest on your chest and lap to reduce radiation exposure. Next, the technologist will activate the x-ray machine, and 2-3 images will be taken at different angles.

Digital x-rays are ready immediately after being taken. This means that Dr. Colby Smith doesn’t have to wait for hours or days to determine the state of your dental health. Immediate results during a dental exam mean we can often resolve your dental problems before we begin cleaning.

Benefits of digital dental x-rays

A dentist can only see so much during a dental examination. To have an in-depth overview of your mouth, digital radiography is necessary to help your dentist spot cavities, tooth decay, impacted tooth, and other issues.

Just like video and cameras have made tremendous advancements in recent years, x-ray technology has switched from conventional film to digital. But is new technology better? Dentists and patients alike agree that digital dental x-rays are far superior to their former counterparts. Here are the benefits of digital x-rays:

  • Minimal exposure to radiation
  • Results are instant
  • Images are detailed, making diagnosis easy
  • Images can be stored digitally, saving storage space and enhancing the effortless transfer of images from one person to another for reference

At Granite Bay Dentistry, we are dedicated to safe and cutting-edge technology to deliver satisfactory results. We have digital x-rays and other technologies for efficiency, speed, and safety. To become a beneficiary of our top-notch services in Granite Bay, CA, please dial (916) 735-4720 to schedule an appointment.